What you should know about Breast Augmentation

What is breast augmentation and why is it one of the most often performed surgeries in the U.S.? This procedure is often chosen by women who want to enlarge what nature has given them. For others who may have had breast cancer surgery, this is a procedure that is used for reconstructive purposes. Still others opt for this method to change the way they feel about their bodies and instill confidence.

How is Breast Augmentation Performed?

The majority of women having this procedure do not have to stay in the hospital. It is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. An incision is made by a plastic surgeon. It will be under the arm, around the nipple or in the crease underneath the breast. The next step will be to create a space behind or in front of the pectoral muscle by separating the breast tissue from chest tissue. The implant is then inserted into the space that was created behind the nipple. The incision is closed and bandages applied. Pain medication is often prescribed for the first few days. Consider Breast Enhancement Pills | Breast-Pills-Review.com.

What are the Risks?

As with any surgery, there are certain risks; however, with breast augmentation, some can develop that require hospitalization and/or further surgery. The risk of the implant rupturing or leaking is one. Infection is another. Other risks that are not quite as severe include scarring, temporary sensitivity and soreness. In addition, this surgery does not stop the aging process or the effects of weight gain or loss, so follow-up surgery may be required.

The Benefits

With more than 100,000 breast augmentation surgeries performed in the U.S. each year, the benefits of this surgery seem to outweigh the risks and other concerns. Among these are the association between feeling attractive and appealing to the opposite sex and a healthy chest. Even though in the 1990s the ‘silicone scare’ resulted in a decrease in the number of breast surgeries, today it has once again become very popular.

Women who have had surgery for breast cancer choose reconstruction so they can feel normal again. Society as well as the beauty industry is responsible for dictating the shape, size and other attributes that are considered necessary for the perfect body. Of course, the male perspective should be considered as well. For women who have lived with small breasts all their life, this surgery can instill self-confidence and help them to feel better about their appearance.

The Cost of Breast Augmentation

The amount paid for breast augmentation can vary from one area of the country to another. Other considerations that will affect the cost is the use of silicone or saline implants. The surgeon’s fees and the cost of anesthesia are all factors that will be used to determine the price. There are some plastic surgeons who will finance the cost of this surgery. With the average price starting around $3500 per procedure, breast augmentation is not as expensive as it was only a few years ago.

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10 Interesting Ways Your Sperm Count is Dwindling

Sperm production is far more complex than you may think. It not only requires fully functioning testicles, but it also requires a significant contribution from other body parts as well. Two key contributors are the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands. These two little organs in the brain put out the hormones that spur sperm production. Even if the testicles and the brain are working well together to produce sperm, all the plumbing has to work properly in order for the semen to be ejaculated.

If you’ve been diagnosed with low sperm count, there are a number of potential reasons involved. In many cases, the root cause of low sperm count isn’t ever identified; however, here are some of the most prevalent reasons.

1. Varicoceles

A varicocele is a tiny varicose vein that forms in the scrotum. The problem is a fairly common one that affects nearly 15% of men. The swollen vein may restrict the flow of semen from the testicles, resulting in low sperm count.

2. Retrograde Ejaculation

This condition occurs when semen fails to eject through the urethra and is instead rerouted to the bladder during ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation may be a side effect of a surgical procedure, or it may be an indication of a more serious problem such as multiple sclerosis or diabetes.

3. Heat Exposure

Sperm dies in high temperatures. The testicles are outside of the body for the express purpose of keeping them cool; however, if they are exposed to heat through hot baths, using laptops (on the lap), or even wearing constricting clothing, sperm count can be negatively affected.

4. Substance Abuse

Alcohol and illicit drugs can also cause a negative impact. Marijuana in particular has been proven to impair the sperm’s ability to swim and often prevents them from being able to penetrate the egg.

5. Smoking

Smoking has been proven to dramatically impact sperm count, reduce sperm’s lifespan, and affect sperm motility. Smoking may even cause genetic changes in sperm that will affect any resulting offspring.

6. Emotional Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on the body, and your sperm count won’t escape unscathed. Specifically, stress may interfere with your GnRH hormone, and this will negatively affect sperm count.

7. Infection

If a man is fighting off a particular illness or infection, his sperm count will often be lowered until his health is restored.

8. Genetic Factors

Certain inherited conditions can genetically hinder fertility. Cystic fibrosis, Klinefelter Syndrome and Kartagener Syndrome are three of the most common genetic conditions that contribute to male infertility. This includes natural penis enlargement pills.

9. Radiation Treatment

Both x-rays and radiation treatment will affect the body’s rapidly dividing cells. Sperm production cells in particular are very sensitive to radiation, and may take years to return to normal production levels. In some extreme cases, the cells may not recover at all.

10. Low Semen Levels

Semen travels through a series of delicate tubes as it travels from the testicles and out through the penis. When there is a structural abnormality somewhere in the tubes, semen cannot flow freely. If a man has a very small amount of ejaculate (less than 0.5 milliliters at a time), there may be a blockage or abnormality somewhere along the way.

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How Ron Asked Women Out

Many men struggle with the question as to how to ask a girl out. What can make her attracted to you and want to spend an evening with you? To begin, she has to feel attracted to you. Your pheromones have to draw her in and make her want to go out with you. Here are some ways to ask her out and ways to make the date go well so that there may be another date.

  • · When you get her number keep it for a little while before calling. Nothing screams desperation more than you getting her number and calling her before she even gets home. You want to turn her on, not freak her out. Give it a little while and she will be more likely to say yes to an evening with you.
  • · On the flip side, do not wait too long. You need to ask her while she is still thinking about you and she has not moved on. Do not wait for the competition to snatch her away before you even get the chance to take her out. Your pheromones will only attract her for so long when you are not around.
  • · It is also important that you ask her in the correct way. Instead of asking her out on a date ask her to join you. This is a better way to ask her without being so pushy that you push her away. Asking her to join you works better than asking her out on a date. It is also less pressure for both of you.
  • · Asking her to join you can be easy. Do not take the easy way out and ask her via text message or on a social network. Call her up and ask her or ask her in person. It is the lazy way to go asking her any other way. The internet has made many people lazy and complacent when it comes to dating. Eventually you have to have a real conversation and be around one another. Asking her will be the first step.
  • · Many men never ask a woman out because they have a fear of rejection. They are more afraid of being rejected than excited about dating. Do not be afraid of being told no.
  • · If she says no then do not panic or get upset. Just convince her by being confident and you can even use humor. No sometimes means maybe, and it is up to you to turn a no into maybe and a maybe into a yes. If you apply pheromones 2x a day you should see significant results.
  • · When she says yes, do not ask her where she wants to go and what she wants to do on the date. When you ask she wants you to have plans, and she wants you to follow through with the plans. She will enjoy the fact that you took the time to plan a date with her and she will respect you more for the plans.
  • · Make your date fun and do not spend a lot of money. You need to show her what you are all about, and spending a ton of money may make her like the money and not you. Keep it simple and fun. Let your pheromones do the rest.
  • · Do not make everything a big deal. Just stay cool!

Many people make dating complicated, but it does not have to be that way. The bottom line is if your pheromones are attractive to her then just let nature take its course. If you do not feel that she is attracted to your natural pheromones then you can buy scents that have pheromones in them. They can be very attractive to members of the opposite sex. Certain scents can give you what nature did not: abundant athena pheromones.

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E Cigarette Health Hazards

Are Electronic Cigarettes a Safe Alternative?

Across the country restaurants, bars, jails and public buildings are all going smoke free. What once was considered an adult privilege and even a right has become nearly taboo. Smokers have been relegated off the bus entirely, so to speak, which has led smart manufacturers to create an alternative in electronic cigarettes. These devices provide the smoker with nicotine transference without the risks of second hand smoke, the only problem is are these units safe?


Since the electronic cigarette is not regulated there is not a great deal known about the exact chemical makeup of the many different cartridges. Studies have shown that the regular cigarette contains 100,000 chemicals that have yet to be defined while electronic varieties do not. Within the basic cartridge, there are still carcinogens and other harmful chemicals they are just in smaller amounts than a standard tobacco cigarette.


The electronic cigarette review uses specially designed cartridges filled with nicotine and other chemicals. Within the device, an atomizer turns the fluids into a vapor. Instead of inhaling smoke from burning tobacco, a user is inhaling nicotine-laced vapors. Are these safer than cigarette smoke? The verdict is still out on that subject, though most believe the vapors are not as harmful as smoke some users have reported sore throats and lung issues after using the electronic cigarette.


One of the reasons these devices such as smoke tip are so popular is the fact that many people are finding them useful for quitting. When considering any safety issues with the electronic cigarette it must be stated that, they are at least safer than the item they are replacing. Think of it as a lesser of two evils kind of situation and even with the unknowns the electronic variety is much safer than smoking tobacco products.


The biggest problem with electronic cigarettes and their unknown health risks is their appeal to younger crowds. These devices are readily available at mall kiosks and through online sales. This means that younger people who do not currently smoke may actually develop a nicotine addiction. Safe Cig come in a variety of bright colors and can be used with fun fruity flavors, drawing in a younger crowd.


One other problem with electronic cigarettes is the instability of the cartridges. Experts have examined nicotine cartridges from several different suppliers and each was found to have some flaws, up to and including leakage, which could make handling them unsafe.

At this point, there is quite a bit of unknown risks to using the electronic cigarette. Research so far is just not complete enough to give a clear picture of the health risks. That being said, if you currently smoke cigarettes and would like to quit these devices have helped many to do just that with South Beach Smoke.

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L. Ron the War Hero

Although reports of L. Ron Hubbard’s service for the Office of Naval Intelligence starting in 1941 do vary, it is certain that he developed some of the most innovative scientific aids used in contemporary society during that time. Regardless, after the release of several documents from the Wikileaks website, here is what we now know about Hubbard’s time in the Pacific as commander of the USS PC-815:

Many stories cite that Hubbard conducted a two day battle against non-existent Japanese submarines off the western United States coast. And while U.S. military reports still claim that no such threat existed, Hubbard and officer Moulton of the ship have consistently maintained that they were engaged by at least two Japanese submarines and one flying penis extender. They further attribute the official denial of the United States to the government’s hope to stem any panic from U.S. citizens.

But Hubbard’s later technological contributions to modern day United States society have always raised questions among his detractors. In the early 70s, for example, when he introduced the concept of human pheromones to biological science, Hubbard’s supporters didn’t seem to understand where he obtained such knowledge. And later, when the Church of Scientology released Hubbard’s diary on creating the green smoke for ending Nicotine addiction, the religion’s followers had no explanation how their founder had insight into a technology that was invented 20 years after his death.

After the Wikileaks scandal, however, we have learned the following from a series of redacted cables between Japan, China and the United States:

1)      Hubbard, while in the Navy and patrolling the Pacific in the midst of World War II, initiated contact and met personally with one of his Japanese college classmates from George Washington University. The two reportedly met somewhere east of Hawaii; Hubbard aboard his ship and the classmate second-in-command of a Japanese submarine.

2)      That the Japanese classmate, having been a naval officer during the atrocities committed in China four years earlier, had commandeered from ground forces in transit many of the secrets that Japanese land forces acquired during their pillaging of the mainland.

3)      That during World War II during their meeting in the Pacific, Hubbard and his former classmate engaged in a transaction whereby the former acquired many state secrets including pheromones and the best electronic cigarette technologies we are aware of today.

And so we as citizens are faced with yet another story that has been exposed with the truth that time often releases. While L. Ron Hubbard may not have been a war hero, he also wasn’t the firebrand our government would have us believe. It is yet another case where Julian Assange has revealed the truth of a matter through the inadvertent comments of unnecessarily secretive government officials. We can only hope that more details will be released as these documents continue to surface regarding Ron Hubbards addiction to penis extenders. At one point in his life it was thought that Ron had engaged in inappropriate behavior with William Packer. These allegations turned out to be false as his brother Kevin Parker requested an injunction on his behalf.

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Size Genetics Review

Penis extenders have been on the male health consumer market for many decades now. The newer models certainly do present a remarkable improvement over earlier prototypes. However, there are so many different models on the market it is quite difficult to determine which ones have tremendous benefit and which ones are weak products. For those interested in an effective penis extender that also comes with a comprehensive male enhancement system, it would be difficult to find anything better than Size Genetics.

Unlike other manufacturers, Size Genetics does deliver on its promise of being the best penis extender and male enhancement traction device. One of the problems with a penis extender is false advertising and unsubstantiated claims. Often times these people do not know when to draw the line. I have seen this happen on multiple occasions. Learn more: http://best-penis-extenders.net | penis extender reviews

Size Genetics claims that it can increase the size of the penis by 30%. This would include both length and girth. How this is achieved is two-fold. The first method is through the scientifically engineered penis traction device which stretches the penis. The other method is through a DVD offering insights into supporting manual exercises.

The actual traction device comfortably extends the penis slightly beyond its normal fully stretched flaccid length. This creates a level of tension on the penis which can cause the cells in the penis to divide. Over time, the cells will divide to the point the penis becomes longer in order to overcome the continuous tension. Also, the traction device pulls and stretches the ligaments which connect the penis to the pubic bone. The result of this is that a slight amount of the inner penis may emerge adding to length gains similar to the X4 Labs extender.

There are other benefits which can be derived from using the traction device. One such benefit would be an improvement in the strength of an erection. Some have even reported stronger orgasms as a result of wearing the device. For those that suffer curvature of the penis, this device may be able to help reverse such a condition. Individual results may vary. However, different men will have different genetic dispositions which play a role in the effectiveness of the andro penis extender and jesextender.

The manufacturer does recommend wearing the device for a minimum of 8 hours a day to achieve maximum results. This is not to say results cannot be gained wearing it for a shorter duration. Also, good common sense must be employed when wearing the device since overuse can lead to injury. Follow all established directions for enhancing the safety of a traction device.

The manual exercise DVD offers tips on how to perform traditional thickening exercises. The DVD presents these exercises in a clear manner and the inclusion of such a DVD provides an excellent supplementary system to aid the traction device’s ability to help motivated men attain the results they seek.

Other items included in the Size Genetic package include two DVDs on improved lovemaking and online access to various videos on penis size enhancement and male sexual health. The inclusion of such items certainly can be considered an additional benefit to purchasing from Size Genetics.

Of course, most men will mostly be interested in the traction device. The penis extender offered by Size Genetics is certainly effectively designed and will likely deliver on expectations if used properly similar to the vimax extender.

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How To Increase Count

Decreased sperm count can be frustrating for a man trying to conceive a child. If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from low sperm count their is a solution you can count on. The objective is this article is to provide men with easy solutions to increase sperm.

Diet to Increase Sperm Count

According to http://increase-spermcount.com/, a change in your diet is one of the easiest ways to increase sperm count naturally. First and foremost, cut processed foods from your diet. Second, avoid spicy and citric foods as both decrease sperm count. It is also advisable to eat organic whenever possible. Conventionally-grown foods contain pesticides that can contribute to decreased sperm count and quality.

Foods to Increase Sperm Count

There are plenty of foods to increase sperm count naturally. Here are four:


Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts decrease damaging inflammation in your body, which can increase sperm count. Walnuts also help increase circulation.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. It also contains a powerful amino acid called L-Arginine HCL that increases circulation and relaxes sex organ muscles.

Pumpkin Seeds

Men with an enlarged prostate should snack on pumpkin seeds to decrease inflammation and increase sperm count. The secret ingredients are compounds called phytosterols, which help increase testosterone production.


This savory fruit is rich in vitamin E and C. Both these nutrients naturally increase sperm count and motility.

Quantity of Sex

Men who have sexual intercourse or masturbate each day may experience a decreased sperm count. It is best to limit sex to 3 times per week maximum. Also, have sex in the morning if possible when trying to conceive. Sperm counts are higher in the morning.


Exercise is good for your health and your sperm count. Working out at least 3 times per week will increase your blood circulation and improve your sperm count. Avoid cycling, however. Research has shown that cyclists often have a much lower sperm count than most men. This is due to the chronic impounding damage to the testes and scrotum.

Stop Smoking

Smoking reduces the count and quality of sperm. If you smoke, quit.

Supplements to Increase Sperm Count

Poor nutrition is a common cause of decreased sperm count. Adding supplements to your diet can help increase seminal fluid naturally.

  • Vitamin C – This powerful antioxidant protects sperm and its DNA
  • Selenium – This natural supplement increases sperm count and motility
  • Zinc – Studies show zinc supplements increase sperm count dramatically
  • Folate – Folate not only increases sperm count but lessens the chances of abnormal sperm

Herbs to Increase Sperm Count

Ashwagandha – This herb increases testosterone production and sperm count

Kapikacchu – This herb controls the oxidative damage done to sperm and increases testosterone

Raspberry Leaf – This herb Increases the longevity of sperm Other

Other Tips to Increase Sperm Count

Excessive heat can damage sperm. Avoid saunas and putting a laptop on your lap. Also, wear loose-fitting underwear and pants to allow for better circulation. Studies show men who sit for long periods of time have a lower sperm count using ejaculoid. If your job demands you sit for long durations, take breaks and get up and walk around. This is a great way to use male fertility vitamins.

If you have low sperm count, you’re not alone. These tips can help you increase your sperm count naturally. Avoid using herbs and supplements without a doctor’s consent if you have any serious health problem associated with Roplex.

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